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How to Add or Edit Your Listing

Whether you’re updating an existing listing or creating a new listing, we’ve got some quick guidance to help you get going

Step 1. Login

To change or create a listing, you’ll need to be logged in to your Upe account. If you have not created your listing yet, click ADD A LISTING in the navigation to get started.

If you have not created your listing yet, click ADD A LISTING in the navigation to get started.


If you’re updating an existing listing, click on “Profile” and then find the listing you want to change. Select the listing to modify, which will open the listing page where you can update any information or images.

Step 2. Import Details


If your business already has a Facebook page or Tripadvisor listing, add the URL at the top of the “Add Listing” page to import basic information about your business (name, image, and location).

Step 3. Fill Out Your Listing

Complete as many of the fields as possible (note that some of these are required fields—they are marked with an asterisk *). Your mission is to provide users with all the information they need about your business and increase your visibility on Upe.

Your mission is to provide users with all the information they need about your business and increase your visibility on Upe. 

1. Select your listing package type

Your package describes your specific type of business as well as your membership level. Choose the package that best fits your business and its needs.

2. Enter your business name

Type your business name into the text box. If you imported your information or if you’re claiming an existing listing, verify that your business name is correct.

3. Claim your listing

If you’re the owner or manager of the listing, make sure you check the box designating yourself as the Business or an Associate.


4. Choose your categories


Click on the drop down menu and select up to three (3) categories that describe your business. The first You can change the default category in the drop down menu.

5. Add logo + images


Upload an image or pdf of your logo as well as any photos from your business. [Max Image Size: 2MB]


With the basic free package, you can upload up to six pictures. Choose photos that highlight the great features of your business so users have a better idea of what you do best. [Max Image Size: 2MB]

6. Add location


Type your address into the location bar or, if you’re at your business, use the arrow on the right to use your current location.

Add the province and canton using the drop down menu. You can also add the town.

To help users find you easily, zoom in on your location on the map and drag the pin to your exact location. This allows Upe to provide directions so users can get to your business!

7. Add description


Users want to know about your business. Share a few short words that describe your product, service, atmosphere…whatever you want users to know before they show up! Each description can be up to 3200 characters—about 400-800 words. 

NOTE: While most fields in Upe are translated in English and Spanish, your description will appear in the language you wrote it in on Upe. To improve user accessibility, consider using a translation tool (like DeepL) to provide a description of your business in both English and Spanish. Remember that the entire description—in English and in Spanish—needs to fit within 3200 characters.

8. Add date founded

Add the date your business opened in the “Date founded” field using the drop down calendar to show users if you’ve been around for awhile or if you’re a new face in town.

9. Add contact information

Let people know how to get in touch with you! Add your website URL, your contact email, and your phone number. Use the following format to enter your phone number: + country code (+506 in Costa Rica) 5555-5555.

10. Add social media accounts


Enter the URL for each social media account you have for your business.

11. Link other businesses you own

If you own another business that has a listing on Upe, you can link the listings together. In the “Link” field, type the first few letters of your other Upe business and then select from the dropdown. 

12. Add business hours


Sharing your business hours on Upe means users will be able to see whether you are open or closed on your listing when they look at your listing. Talk about real time information!

To add your business hours, select the “Yes” button next to “Business Hours” and then enter the hours your business is open each day. If you’re closed on any days, you can always click the “-” button to the right of the table and the listing will update to say “Closed” on that day. If your business takes a lunch break on Fridays, you can click the “+” button to add an extra line that contains your secondary hours.

Temporarily Closed

You have the option of letting customers know that you’re currently “Temporarily Closed”.

Whether you’re closing up shop early because the surf is good, or you’re closing for days, weeks or months, activate the Temporarily Closed checkbox. Just make sure you remove it once your doors are back open.

13. Apply to Post Events or Share Offers

If events or offers take place at your business, check the “Venue” box, which will allow users to see when an offer or event is happening at your location. As a venue, you’ll also want to make sure that you check the “Organizer” box, so users can see the event or offer appear on your listing.


Am I an Organizer, Venue or both?

You can also be an “Organizer” but not a “Venue” if you help plan and promote events or offers, particularly with other businesses. 

Your listing may be an “Organizer” (but not a “Venue”) if you are a musician, a non-profit, or a similar collaborator for events and offers without a specific location.

Step 4. Add Special Listing Features

Beyond the basic elements of a listing on Upe, an EAT listing offers additional features users might search for when determining where to grab a bite. Filling out these optional categories helps you connect with users.

1. Select all amenities

Add any available amenities at your EAT listing from the drop down. There is no limit on how many amenities you can select.

2. Select meals offered


Use the drop down menu to select the different meals users can eat at your business. You can select as many meals as your business serves.

3. Choose dietary preferences


Use the drop down menu to indicate the different dietary options available at your business.

4. Select dining options


Add the different dining options available using the drop down menu.

5. Share price range + payment options


Select the price of an average meal at your restaurant using the drop down menu. This number should reflect the average meal/ticket cost per patron, not the lowest priced items on your menu.

6. Select parking options


Let users know what parking options are available at your business. Use the drop down to select the available places to park.

7. Add menu

At Upe, we understand that working with menus can be challenging, which is why we’re giving you two (2) different ways to share your menu with customers.

1. Upload Images and PDFs

Share your current menu  by either dragging and dropping it from your desktop or uploading it from your files. No matter if you have a professionally designed menu or want to snap a photo of your ever-changing menu written on a chalkboard, this is where you do it.

You can add up to ten files—pictures or pdfs—for your menu. 

Note that these files/images will not be translated by Upe.

2. Link to your online menu

If your menu is already on your website or hosted elsewhere online, you can add a direct link to your menu, if available, by adding the URL in the “Menu Link” field.

8. Add specials

Have any specials to share? There are two (2) ways to do that on Upe.

  1. Add a short description of your specials in the text box.
  2. Upload any images or PDFs.

Your specials will be displayed above your menu on your listing.

Step 5. Submit Your Listing

Submit PreviewListingButtons

After you’ve completed all fields for your listing, preview your listing using the bottom right button. Once you’ve verified that everything looks good, click “Submit Listing” and you’re all set!

Step 6. Keep It Updated

Upe provides real time information for users and businesses alike—it’s an easy place to quickly and immediately share changes with users. 

Here are just a few reasons you’ll want to keep your listing updated.

  1. Need to close early tonight for a special event? Update your hours.
  2. Created some new appetizers? Update your menu.
  3. Moved to a new spot? Update your location.

You may notice that listings that have new, fresh information will have a RECENTLY UPDATED status display on their profile image for all users to see.

If you don’t have your listing added or updated yet, now’s the time to get started!

Login to your Upe account and navigate to “Profile” at the top of the screen to see all of your listings. 

Tap the button [three dots] in the bottom right of the listing preview and select “Edit,” opening up your listing page where you can modify your business information as needed. After you’ve made your changes, you can preview your listing at the bottom of the screen and then submit your listing, which will automatically update your business page on Upe. 

And…you’re all set!

It’s great to have you in the Upe community!